Moreli - Devotional manufacturer - Since 1980


Bliżyce 124
42-320 Niegowa
tel. +48 34 315-48-00


We offer the services of casting non-ferrous metals, alloys of zinc (Zn). Castings are made using a pressure casting technology. We have a casting machines: with hot chambers 10T and cold chambers 160T.

In addition, we make casts in silicon rubbers using centrifugal machines.

Castings are made from our own patterns, as well as from inducted ones, guarantying their inviolability and respecting copyrights.

We guarantee the high quality of the cast product, both individual and series, fully complying with the requirements and expectations of our customers. We provide personal attention and short realization times.

We command occasional casted medals onto order.

We invite interested parties to cooperate.